Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) —
Italian fashion designer Domenico Vacca astonished the audience by demonstrating his Spring/Summer 2011collection which contained traditional Uzbek ikat.

No one suspected that Domenico Vacca`s collection would present a big surprise. The show started with checkered and striped jackets, trousers and dresses, which looked incredibly attractive and suitable for daily wear. Five of the items in the collection were menswear.

An interesting feature of men`s pieces was ankle-length trousers, which is not very characteristic of men`s suits. But trousers of this length had a big advantage: they provided a good view of stylish shoes, boots and natural-leather moccasins that went with them. Notably, the footwear for the label`s collections is made by Vacca himself.

The audience took quick notice of ikat patterns that blended perfectly with the grey, blue and beige tones of the European-style clothing. A few such pieces included an ikat-patterned white and yellow jacket, a mini skirt with bright yellow, blue and wine-red traditional patterns. The last item of the Uzbek part of the collection was a beige evening dress complemented with a jacket adorned with eye-catching ikat patterns. The collection drew loud applause from the audience.

After the show, the famous fashion designer came on stage to introduce his wife Julia, a native of Tashkent and, apparently, the inspiration behind the dazzling collection.